2017 Intentions: What I Plan To Do Every Day, Every Month, + This Year

It’s that time of a year — the week [mostly] everyone makes a *New Year’s Resolution*. While I firmly believe that you shouldn’t need a new year to create a new beginning, I love that New Year’s resolutions exist. It shows how much we as humans have the urge to create change within ourselves… to become the best possible expression of ourselves.

This year, I am writing my resolutions a bit differently. I want to be able to measure if I’m on the path of bettering//challenging myself every day. ++ I’m also giving myself grace to adjust my intentions if they don’t serve me anymore [example — one of my goals is to spend one hour journaling//meditating//praying… yesterday I was exhauuuuuusted, so I decided to give myself a break on Sundays. Sundays are the day of rest, anyways : ) ++ I want to be spending that time at Church].

Below is the template I used, so that you can create your own if you desire!

> Create every day… still deciding what this means to me [draw, color, write, photograph — I want to get in touch with my inner artist]
> 1 hour of prayer//journal/meditation

> Coffee//Lunch//Workout with someone that inspires… ideally, someone new each week [52 coffee dates with 52 people! ❤]

> Read one book [+ gift that book to someone else when I’m done]
> Vacation… YEP, every month — it can even be a day vacation : )
> Watch one documentary
> Volunteer//Contribute to a charity
> Take care of my health

> Start ++ finish a cookbook
> Learn a relationship flow [more on this on my personal instagram]
> Create a CHAARG video : )
> Magic of Tidying Up project

“To pay attention means we care, which means we really love.”

Cheers to 2017, my friends. I’d love to hear your resolutions!

++ Elisabeth

CHAARG is a health + fitness community on 52 college campuses. We liberate girls from the elliptical ++ show them that fitness can [+ should!] be fun by partnering with local fitness studios, as well as creating our own FitPlans [virtual workout programs]. Our mission is to empower every CHAARG girl to become the best version of herself. Oh, ++ we have a CHAARG Shop that’s pretty cool, too. ; )