3 Steps To Creating *Your* Unique Morning Flow

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I think I can almost 100% guarantee that all of you have read an article titled “10 Morning Habits Of Highly Successful People.” I used to be SO sucked into these types of articles because I so desperately wanted to know the *secret* in having the best, most productive day ever.

The truth is… THERE’S NO SECRET.

Part of me wishes that there was a secret… but, the other part of me is relieved. I get to create my own *secret sauce* in having the best, most productive day ever.

++ so do you.

I want to help you cultivate a day you’re excited to live. ++ that day starts at the EXACT moment your alarm goes off [no snoozing ; )]. So, let’s dive in shall we?

Listen to our podcast “Chase The Sunset [How To Create A Morning Routine ; )]” here!

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3 Reasons Why Morning Routines Are The Best >>

#1] A morning routine is your *me-time*
#2] A morning routine has the ability to set the tone for the whole day
#3] A morning routine reduces decision fatigue [*SO much to say on this — I touch a little bit on this in the podcast!]

3 Steps To Creating Your Mornin’ Flow >>

#1] How do you want to feel?
#2] What are ~5 essentials that you want to make happen in your morning [make sure you’re realistic with how long each item will take!]
#3] Let go of expectations + what you *think* your morning routine should look like

Journal prompt — Create your ideal morning routine! ++ then test it out for one week. Be honest with yourself. Is this routine allowing you to feel what you described in step #1? Are you giving yourself enough time to complete your morning routine with ease, or does the thought of completing your morning routine leave you stressed or anxious? [That’s a sign you need to change your morning routine ; )]

I want to hear from you! — Tweet at us [@CHAARG] your morning routine ~essential~. We might feature it in an upcoming blog post!

Cheers to you,


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