5 Steps To Write From Your Highest-Self

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A little more than halfway into #NoInputNovember + I broke the rules… I listened to a podcast! It wasn’t because I was bored or I was dying to listen to something… I just felt called, + decided to listen to my intution — even though my ego wanted me to *follow the rules* that I made for myself.

The podcast I listened to was: The Pros + Cons Of Living The Law Of Attraction For 19 Months Straight. Ironically [or not so ironically ; )], at the very beginning of the podcast, the host Jess talks about how she’s spent the the last year in a reading//researching state of growth ++ that she has recently felt called to make 2018 the year of deep experience.


It gave me confidence [+ excitement!] that I’m learning to listen to my intution. I truly believe our intuition is a muscle that must be continually “worked out” [through practice!] in order for it to develop into its greatest potential//strength.

While I’m not going to go completely “no input” 2018 — I am going to continue on this path of learning through less input + more experiences. Experiences for me include…

  • Meditation
  • Highest-self writing
  • Self-practice yoga
  • Through all conversations//interactions, showing up with love + energy
  • Asking myself, “What am I resisting”

Speaking of highest-self writing, what is it?! It’s my version of “automatic writing” — which is a way to channel your intuition through writing. I’ve been doing a TON of highest-self writing this month… ++ I’ve been it. Below are the steps I take…

#1] Ask your highest self a question — I always start with… . Be as specific as possible. I’ve asked about priorities, living abundantly, how I can show family//friends more love, how I can be more playful, why I feel closed, why I don’t always like being in group settings, how I can better love my body, + SO MUCH MORE.

#2] Depending on the amount of time I have, I either pray, meditate, or simply take a few breaths to access a place of stillness.

#3] Simply start writing whatever comes to mind! Your pen should not leave the paper. It’s important that you let your pen flow, instead of overthinking — for that will create resistance. It might be helpful to set a timer, so that your mind creates a sense of urgency, rather than wanting to edit your thoughts.

#4] When your done, read what you wrote. I like to circle or highlight any words or phrases that feel particularly inspiring. Something else important to note is that your highest self comes from the highest of vibes. It should not be negative or condesending… if it is, put your pen down, + come back to your question in a couple days.

#5] Trust the message from your intuition!

It sounds woo-woo, I know… but, every time I’ve tried it, I’ve been comforted + inspired by the message. We all have an inner knowing, but our voice of ego tends to overpower almost every time. When writing in a “flow state” — we are able to shut down our ego, ++ let our intuition come to play! : )

Try it! Let me know what you think!

Thankful for you all,

++ Elisabeth

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