9 Instagrams To Follow For Life Inspo [Besides @CHAARG ; )]

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Now that you know my phone rules ; ) so that you can be #inCHAARG of your phone, rather than allowing your phone to be in charge of you… let’s talk about INSTA.

As I mentioned in my previous post, lately I’ve come to truly appreciate the magic of instagram — it’s a tool for connectivity, + allows us to use our voice! Yes, instagram can make us judgmental, make us lonely, make us compare our lives to others, BUT… instagram can also make us laugh, make us cry tears of happiness + hope. We can make friends through instagram from all parts of the world! We can both inspire + be inspired through instagram. The list goes on…

Today, I’m sharin’ with you 9 instagram accounts that are using their platforms for the better. They all keep it real + will inspire you every day ❤ ((PS — there will definitely be a part two to this series, so let me know what accounts I missed that you love!))

1]@katelemere — Nike Master Trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor, + blogger at The Four Percent, Kate is CHAARG’s girl crush who keeps it THE REALEST on all things fitness, nutrition, pregnancy//postpartum, skincare, + even her shopping addiction ; ). She has the cutest baby Luke that will make you want to have a baby… like now. “I admire that she talks about things that no one else talks about [like getting a PT after pregnancy!] + that she promotes to women to LIFT HEAVY + not be afraid to up their weights during workouts.” [@sarahkclem] Make sure to check Kate out on The CHAARG Podcast!

2] @leefromamerica —This holistic, fierce female behind Lee From America shares recipes, hormone advice, plant inspo, playlists, monthly intentions, + solo dance parties on her feed. She’s totally raw on all her experiences, like growing out her armpit hair, working with anixety, + finding the perfect bra. Also, her FAT BALLS are everything. “I love Less because she is not afraid to talk about parts of wellness others push aside. She really represents chasing your dreams + passions.” [@hannahdranyam_inchaarg]

3] @thebalancedblonde — Jordan’s podcast, Soul On Fire, is my personal fav for “woo woo” topics. ((Check out my other fav podcasts here!)). She’s also a blogger at The Balanced Blonde + author of Breaking Vegan. Currently diagnosed with Lyme, Jordan shares her journey through chronic illness on her feed — as well as lots of crystals, poetry, plant-based recipes, travel, + of course her podcast guests! She’s the one who inspired me to start The CHAARG Podcast! ; )

4] @chickpeainthecity — Addie… who goes by Chickpea ; ) jk, but in actuality I didn’t know her name until researching her for The CHAARG Podcast ((listen to the interview her!)) — Chickpea is just so cute + catchy! Addie’s known for her love of SoulCycle, music, oat milk lattes, + matcha. She has an incredible Chicago Eats Guide— Part 1 + Part 2. Run, don’t walk.

5] @hannahbronfman — DJ + founder of HBFIT. She’s also a global Addidas ambassador, so that’s pretty rad ; ). She’s the ultimate fashion/fitionista. “Hannah has inner + outer beauty — she cares about women + is always trying to find news ways to inspire us. She’s a body positivity advocate, confident, + always encouraging.” [@dana.inchaarg]

6] @mysticmama — Another account for those into “woo woo,” or those in need of inspiration when setting intentions! Mystic Mama shares the themes for the new + full moon every month, ++ wisdom on “The Divine Femine.” This account has helped me deepen my intention setting + meditation practice!

7] @theskinnyconfidential —THIS IS A MUST FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO GET INTO SKINCARE! Lauren’sblog, podcast ((another fav of mine!)), + YouTube have a crazy following… + for good reason: she is extremely detailed when sharing everything that she does + uses when it comes to wellness, skin, + buisness. ++ she’s hilarious! I’ve bought multiple items she has recommended + they have never failed me.

8] @sarahs_day — Known for her YouTube channel, Sarah’s motto is #ListenToYourBody. She’s all about living a healthy + sustainable lifestyle. “She helped me when I was hard on myself about eating a certain thing or missing a workout. She encourages a balance of fitness + functionality which helped find a healthier mindset!” [@annnazappia]

9] @melissawoodhealth — I literally just followed her this morning after seeing a youtube episode of her + Lauren on skin//beauty tips. Um, she is radiating… + she’s currently pregnant! “Melissa has a positive outlook on life + her workouts are amazing. She has had an ED in the past ++ is very candid about it, as well as life in general.” [@dfordallas_]

WHO SHOULD I INCLUDE IN PART 2?! Let me know! : )

Rooting for you always,

++ Elisabeth

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