9 Instagrams To Follow For Life Inspo, Part #2

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Hi there! If you haven’t read my first blog post on instagrams to follow for life inspo, you can read it here! Couldn’t pick only nine, so had to do a part two! : ) ENJOY!

#1] @itsmaryk — Famous in the “CHAARG World,” but will definitely be famous in the entire world soon ; ), Mary is a girlboss in so many ways. From writing her own book to blogging [see my interview with her here!] to working at a tech company to her love of startups to being a fitness instructor… this girl literally runs her world. If you haven’t listened to her on The CHAARG Podcast, get ready to be inspired.

#2] @alison__wu Wellness blogger at Wu Haus, Alison has “calm vibes, good energy, + artistic thoughts” [@sarahhissong]. She shares healthy recipes, self-care practices, + mindfulness tips. I’m heading to Portland soon, + so excited to try out her coolest hangouts in Portland. Will keep you posted!

#3] @almazzurco — Previous CHAARG Designtern [interested in a CHAARG internship — we got you!], Alex’s journey through bikini//figure competitions, gut health, + body positivity will empower you. She’s not only a fitness coach, but a brand coach! You’ll love her totally real + raw instagram stories.

#4] @shutthekaleup — Blogger at Shut The Kale Up, Jeannette’s post have “an authentic balance between health trends + tried//true health.” [@cheyannethurston_inchaarg]. PLUS, SHE HAS THE CUTEST SON EVER! Every month, she posts a new playlist!

#5] @gabbybernstein — Ugh, I freaking love her! Her book “The Universe Has Your Back” truly changed my life [it led me to “my sign” which has helped guide me so many times — woo woo, but it’s true]. I’m not alone in my love of her — “I just can not get enough of her ++ all of her amazing teaching! She posts videos of her workshops sometimes ++ I love reading her captions because they are like mini blog posts.” [@kellyis_inchaarg]

#6] @iamsahararose As you may know, I’m kind of obsessed with Ayurveda [podcast on all things Ayurveda with Cat, ++ post on Panchakarma!]. Sahara wrote the book “Idiot’s Guide To Ayurveda” — which I love, + hosts the podcast, Highest Self Podcast. Deepak says she’s “a leading voice in the millennial generation” — aka, follow her now!

#7] @ambitiouskitchen I was first introduced to Monique when she hosted a wellness panel, but SJ has been obsessed with her for awhile: “she’s a creative genius in the kitchen, + a huge advocate for body positivity + self-love. Her authenticity radiates through insta — her posts are real + vulnerable. Bonus — she has TONS of giveaways.” [@sarahjankers] Everyone must try her healthy peanut butter cups. WOW.

#8] @iskra — Well known as the face behind #AerieReal campaigns, Iskra is an incredible spokeswoman for the body positivity movement — “Her captions are amazing — so real + vulnerable. When she posts *professional* pictures she always comments on how ever body is different + you shouldn’t try to be exactly like her.” [@ashleigh__inCHAARG]

#9] @simibotic — Oh my gosh, Simi is incredible! Literally the sweetest human — you need to travel to Columbus + meet her in person, she’s that great. I was lucky to interview her for the podcast + we talked all about healing your relationship with food [listen here!]. She wrote the book “Letting Go Of Leo” + inspires women to embrace every single aspect of life. AND GUESS WHAT? SHE HAS AN ADORABLE SON! #babyfever #jk

That’s a wrap! Maybe I’ll do another instagram round up in the future… this was fun! Let me know if I missed any of your favs! : )

Rooting for you always,

++ Elisabeth

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