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How To Love: Sunshine, Lighthouse, + Disco Ball Style

Love love loveeeeeeee. All you need is love. Love is all you need. ❤ [Which version do you like best — the classic Beatles, the gospel twist from Love Actually, or my boys Timeflies?]

Love is our purpose on earth — to feel it alive within us + to experience love in others truly is the meaning of life.

I’ve talked a lot on self-love recently, but what about loving others? While I believe that self-love must come first [you cannot serve from an empty vessel], the relationships you share with others have the ability to exponentially light up your life.

I was at a yoga class the other day, + the teacher shared a TED Talk with us on how to love + be loved. He spoke to three expressions of light [sunshine, a lighthouse, + a disco ball] that can return us to love. As he goes through each expression, he asked us to picture who gives us this light… ++ notice how we can give each version of light to others.

Below is text from the TED Talk:


Picture the sun. Picture the sun in the big, blue sky, feel the warmth of her rays, + consider how the sun continues to show up every day, sharing its light + energy unconditionally, even on a cold February morning. Is there somebody in your life that reminds you of the sun? Somebody that loves you unconditionally? Picture that person now ++ feel their love.

Is there somebody in your life that can use a little unconditional love?


Picture a lighthouse. See the light radiating from the top of the structure at the ocean’s edge where the sea meets the land, + remember its primary purpose: to help guide sailors + boaters home. Is there somebody in your life that helps guide you home? To your authentic self? To the truth of who you are? To the person that you’re meant to be? To the path that you’re meant to be on? Picture that person now ++ consider the direction that they’re encouraging you to head in.

Is there somebody in your life that can use a little guidance, a little direction?

Disco Ball

Picture a disco ball. See the light bouncing off of it, think of the energy in the room where you might find this unique object, maybe you hear your favorite song playing. Is there somebody in your life that reminds you of a disco ball? Somebody that shows up with the fun, loving energy wherever they are, wherever they go? Picture that person now ++ consider how they are encouraging you to live + love.

Is there somebody in your life that needs your fun, loving energy to fully express who they are?

Take some time today to write out how you want to be sunshine, a lighthouse, + a disco ball to others [++ maybe even who in particular needs that version of light in your life]. These are the words that come to my mind when I think of each expression that may be helpful for you! ❤

Sunshine — Warm + Unconditional
Lighthouse — Supportive + Loyal
Disco Ball — Fun + Accepting

Rooting for you always,

++ Elisabeth

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