My Skincare Journey, Continued: How I Finally Stopped Picking My Face

The Consultation + Medical Grade Skincare

September 2018: The journey begins!

The 30 Day No Pick Challenge

  • Committed to 30 days of no picking
  • Wrote a sticky note in my bathroom “Don’t touch your face — it’s beautiful as it is”
  • Drew 30 little bubbles in my journal, + every day, I would fill in a little bubble when I successfully spent a day with no picking
  • If I had the urge to pick, I’d put on a face mask
  • When I broke the streak of no picking [which was typically every 5–7 days in the beginning], I started the 30 days over
  • I think the longest I spent without picking at that time was 24 days — which was huge for me!
September-November 2018: Trying as best as I can not to pick!

My Picking Problem Became A Really Big Problem

November 2018: Right before microneedling, 2 days after microneedling … + 5 days after — SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Finally… Clear Skin Is On The Horizon!

January 2019-February 2019
February 2019-April 2019

My Skincare Routine

  • Facial Steamer: oh yes, oh yes. I just got this + I’m so excited! I’ll be using it at night ++ then apply a mask on after. It feels amazing, especially in the winter!
  • Jade Roller: DIY facial massage ; ) — don’t forget your neck, too! It looks so pretty in the bathroom, too. #LymphaticDrainage
  • Gua Sha: I prefer the Gua Sha over the Jade Roller, because I like more intense “scraping” for my facial massage… lol. This set comes in three shapes which is nice, + it’s great for other small parts of your body that feels tight. I use with cocoa butter, + then wash the butter off
  • Ice Roller: Finally got one of these — it’s like a cold shower to your face!





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