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I’ve officially gone mad.

When my friends ask: “What’s new with you, Elisabeth?” My response: “Um, what isn’t new? [in a joking voice, laughing at myself] I feel like I’m constantly searching, seeking, exploring. I’ve been engulfed in tons + tons of CONTENT. I daydream about curling up in a bed while reading. I crave runs because I know that means I can listen to podcasts. I follow way too many health + fitness humans, ++ love seeing what trends they are following, how they are cooking, what they believe. I write pages upon pages upon pages of ideas in my journal + questions that I have for myself, but I have yet to implement the ideas + answer the questions.

The thing is — I love soaking up #AllTheThangs + bathing in the ~knowledge~. But am I washing my body with it — is it cleansing me? How much of what I consume is my body actually absorbing?

I wish I could put my brain in your brain so that I didn’t have to try to articulate in words how I feel. You would just know. But, unfortunately that isn’t possible ; ). So I’m trying to explain in a visual way…

The thing is — I realized that while I consume a lot of “positive” noise that gives me pleasure… in the end, it’s still noise. It’s still a distraction from the doing… from the experiencing… from the creating.

Noise [“knowledge”] is important. It educates us. It inspires us. But, it’s merely a stepping stone. Sooner or later, we must take the leap + use what we’ve learned + do something. Or, throw away everything we’ve learned + experience something. Or, create something — anything!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a Kundalini Yoga class + I came up with the exciting, horrifying idea of #NoInputNovember. A couple of days ago, after I finished the book Essentialism [OBSESSED], I decided I wanted to start #NoInputNovember early — October 23.

Like any fun challenge, you need rules.

#NoInputNovember — The Rules

1] No books — instead, read my journals

2] No podcasts — take a walk with instrumental music

3] No “consuming” social media [the hardest for me will be not watching insta stories!]— only use social media for sharing content that I hope will inspire others

4] No browsing the internet [unless it’s absolutely necessary to the ideas I’m manifesting]

5] Close my email tab — intentionally look at email 2–3x//day… also, make to sure to unsubscribe to basically everything

6] With the space I’ve created… create art, plant the seeds for 2018, have experiences, write, cook, mediate, listen to my intuition, ENJOY LIFE!

[Side note: I don’t watch TV or read the news, so if you do… eliminate that, too ; )]

All that content, but are you content?

Am I terrified? Yes. But, I’m ready — I’m ready to struggle to answer the hard questions, listen to my gut, + create for CHAARG. I’m ready to get out of my comfort zone + say yes more to experiencing new adventures. I’m so excited for the all the possibilities that this space holds — to be fully present with each moment. I want to be able to lay my head on the pillow + be proud of my answer to, “What did I do today that was worthwhile?” Not read, not listen, not watch… DO.

It’s time to create. Books, I’ll be back for ya, don’t worry. ; )

Join me? #NoInputNovember [I’ll only see your post if you tag me — because yes, I’ll be responding to people, I just won’t be going any further than that. ❤]

++ Elisabeth [@etavierne]

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