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The Daily Affirmation: Creating A Vision For Who You Want To Be

I was fortunate enough to meditate with Deepak Chopra about a month ago in Boston [life goal = study under him!]. The questions that he had us meditate on were simple, yet extremely hard to answer >>

Who am I?
What do I want?
What’s my purpose?
What am I grateful for?

The purpose of the meditation wasn’t to have an answer to these questions, it was to discover what words//sensations//images//feelings popped up when you allowed yourself to be still + repeat the question in your mind. It was interesting because “What’s my purpose?” + “What am I grateful for?” were so clear in my mind — yet, “Who am I?” + “What do I want?” were foggy.

I am Elisabeth Tavierne.
I am Elisabeth.
I am.

Detach from the labels of the outside world, ++ instead, look inside + become aware of your inner most being. That’s the purpose of meditation — becoming aware of being aware. ++ that’s where the magic happens : )

We cannot rely on other people to give us validation. I need to validate myself + know that I am worthy.

I preach self-love day + day out [that’s our mission at CHAARG — helping girls become their healthiest + happiest selves], yet I wasn’t fully loving myself. You know when someone is in love, they almost magically look better? I needed to be in love with myself to feel better… to fill that empty hole inside of me. ++ so, I started repeating to myself: I am adventurous. I am full of life. I am beautiful.

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