The Voice Inside Your Head, Pt. 2

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We are constantly changing as human beings — in fact, change is the only constant. Our “agreements” [beliefs] [please read The Four Agreements if you haven’t already — it’s life changing] change as we learn a new perspective that we align with more.

A belief that I previously had was that it was necesary to shift my negative thoughts [“suffering thoughts”] into positive thoughts. This sounds great, right?

However, “shifting” didn’t necesarily mean transforming… more often than not, it meant suppressing or pushing my negative thoughts away — pretending that they weren’t real.

I recently participated in a meditation class where the instructor said: “The voice inside your mind is you. Be gentle with it. Understand it. Don’t just try to shove it away… easy does it.”

++ just like that — change in perspective!

While “the voice” might not be from our highest self all the time, it is still a part of us. Instead of trying to turn off insecurities, unhappiness, or worries… I realized that for me it was important to first: simply observe + become aware of what I was thinking//feeling… ++ second: if it’s a recurring suffering thought — try to understand it. The hope is that by understanding it, I’llbe able to get to the “root” of it + learn how to overcome it… ++ ultimately, grow.

I know many of us struggle with meditation, however — I believe it is crucial to take time to sit in silence if you want to know yourself more deeply. We all need to slow down in this extremely fast paced world. I used to be addicted to “The Hustle,” but I learned that my best self shines when I relax myself into each moment with an open heart + mind.

Action — Take 10 minutes [use the app, “Insight Timer”] to sit in silence. Allow your breath to be the most interesting thing in the world… focusing on each inhale + exhale. Your breath is your foundation, your home — come back to it at any time during the meditation if you are feeling anxious. During your meditation, practice “choiceless awareness” — which means, fully focus on whatever thought or sensation arises in you until another thought or sensation appears. More on choiceness awareness here.

Rooting for you always,

++ Elisabeth

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