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When Something Finally Clicks

One of the best feelings in the world is when something [finally] clicks. You struggle with *it* — be *it* a math problem, a yoga pose, a relationship, an inward dialogue… ++ suddenly, *it* comes to you. Maybe that *it* is your life’s purpose. Maybe that *it* is where you should go to college, or where you should accept your first job.

Sometimes, it clicks because you’ve put in the time to practice. Other times, you can’t explain how it clickedyou just know because it feels right.

I’m currently reading A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson ++ it’s been life-changing [I’m not even halfway done ++ I already want to read it again ; )]. I’ve always hesitated bringing Jesus’ name [or any religion] in the CHAARG world — but, after diving into this book, I’m rethinking my previous outlook. CHAARG’s mission is to empower every woman to become the happiest ++ healthiest version of herself… to love herself fully + completely.

As Marianne shares in A Return To Love — Jesus, Buddha, ++ any other enlightened being were spiritual masters… “geniuses in the way they used their minds + hearts, just as Beethoven was a genius with music, or Shakespeare a genius with words. Why not learn from them, follow their lead, study what they were doing right?” ++ I agree.

You are probably familiar with Marianne’s quote — it’s my favorite of all time:

I was literally FREAKING OUT last Sunday in Church when the Gospel [below] coincided with Marianne’s quote. He even read it in his Homily [if you want me to send you the full text, just let me know ; )].

We play it small far too often. I know at least I do. It’s because it’s easy — it’s easy to say + do the same things as everyone else. It’s scary to dig deep + ask yourself the hard questions… to dream new dreams + go on your own path. We are all bruised. ++ we have a resistance to love + light because somewhere, along the way, our vulnerable heart caused us pain.


You must.

For you. For me. For future generations.


This beautiful mix — my favorite quote, A Return To Love, Matthew 5:13–16, + the fact that the #CHAARGSBFP is literally all about *shining your light* — gave me so much confidence + trust that I have the courage to be. Everything clicked. I’m on the right path.

Have you had any experiences recently that made you fist pump the air [or cry in joy]? I’d love to hear!

++ Elisabeth

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CHAARG is a health + fitness community on 52 college campuses. We liberate girls from the elliptical ++ show them that fitness can [+ should!] be fun by partnering with local fitness studios, as well as creating our own FitPlans [virtual workout programs]. Our mission is to empower every CHAARG girl to become the best version of herself. Oh, ++ we have a CHAARG Shop that’s pretty cool, too. ; )

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