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If we hope to go anywhere or develop ourselves in any way, we can only step from where we are standing. If we don’t really know where we are standing… we may only go in circles… // Jon Kabat Zinn

~ Woah ~

I had to read that quote a few times to really let it sink in.

We must know where we are standing. Right here. Right now.

Do you ever feel like you’re running in circles? Or, do you ever get overwhelmed with all the to-dos for the day that you end up curled up in your bed for as long as possible… maybe even the whole day.

We are constantly faced with resistance. I’m reading this book right now called Resisting Happiness [ps — it’s free… yup, real life ; )] ++ the author talks a lot about resistance ++ that, ultimately, it is resistance that is preventing us from true happiness. In one of the Chapters titled, “The Power Of Habits” he shares that resistance loves negative habits in your life ++ asks…

  • Do you procrastinate by watching TV?
  • Do you spend your way to happiness?
  • Do you eat when you are not hungry to deal with emotions?
  • Do you drink to escape?
  • Do you constantly check your email or social media to avoid doing the most important things?
  • Do you keep spending time with people even though you know they are not helping you become the best version of yourself?
  • Do you worry about things that you have no control over?
  • Do you obsess about the worst possible outcome in situations?
  • Are you constantly judging yourself + others?
  • Do you keep returning to feelings of guilt?
  • Do you dwell on things in the past you wish you had done differently?
  • Do you blame yourself even when something is not your fault?
  • Do you doubt yourself constantly?

Just this Sunday I *almost* canceled all my plans. I had slept in until 10 [which is CRAZY LATE… I typicaly like to rise with the sun] + the events on my calendar looked like this: AIR class [1230–130], yoga teacher training [2–5], + a concert [7]. I hadn’t missed morning journaling//meditation all year, so I knew I had to that before class, too. In addition, I had hoped to go to a book fair, church, maybe go on a run [it was so nice out!], ++ grocery shopping… AND, I needed to prep for the work week ahead. I was feeling overwhelmed. I literally typed out a draft text I was going to send to my yoga teacher that shared why I couldn’t come to class.

I kept rolling out of bed… getting ready for a little bit… then curling back into bed… all while CREATING anxiety about whether I should send this text or not… ++ worrying about how I would have the energy to make it through this day + all of its to dos. Finally — after AT LEAST an hour of this nonsense — I stopped. I told myself that all I had to do was take one step forward. I needed to stop doubting myself + instead, rise out of bed [STAND UP!] + take a step… to the coffee shop ; ).

++ guess what? I made it through the day… + to my surprise [thanks to AIR yoga + all the handstands], WAY more energetically than I thought. All because I took that step forward. Did I complete all of my to dos? No. But I gave myself grace + recognized that I had written an incredibly unrealistic list for a Sunday when I already had my entire day almost planned out.

This week, I want you to unlock your willpower. Look at the negative habits in your life [ps — really liked this article… 10 Things I Had To Give Up To Heal My Anxiety]. ++ instead, create a *trigger* [or you could say, a *life-changing habit*] that brings you back to the present moment… that allows you to know where you are standing… ++ helps you take a step in the positive direction. For me, meditation//journaling has been HUGE… but that’s not always realistic to do in a moment when resistance is shaking me. I’ve started to create daily mantras that are short [easy to remember ; )] ++ include an *action* for me to live out that day. My mantra for yesterday was: I will stop doubting myself. I will take one step forward.

Share your life-changing habit or mantra that you are using this week with me on twitter [@etavierne] — I’d love to hear from you!

Rooting for you always,
++ Elisabeth

CHAARG is a health + fitness community on 52 college campuses. We liberate girls from the elliptical ++ show them that fitness can [+ should!] be fun by partnering with local fitness studios, as well as creating our own FitPlans [virtual workout programs]. Our mission is to empower every CHAARG girl to become the best version of herself. Oh, ++ we have a CHAARG Shop that’s pretty cool, too. ; )

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