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I wrote this post almost exactly [two!] years ago… ++ wanted to resurface it, as I am just getting back from a weekend getaway that *took my breath away* [literally + figuratively — it’s freaking hard to breathe in the mountains in Colorado aha].

July 2015

We all know the saying “work hard, play hard[er]” but, what about “work hard, rest harder?” I recently heard this saying, aaaand I dig it.

As a self-proclaimed “workaholic,” [“it’s not self-proclaimed, it’s been diagnosed” — says my boyfriend, eee] it’s extremely hard for me to “turn off.” I have a very hard time resting + in fact, I kind of hate it. However, the only time I truly can “turn off” is while traveling — particularly traveling abroad [#NoWifiZone].

I’m a firm believer that “bad wifi is worse than no wifi.” When there’s spotty wifi, I have an on-going spark of hope that the wifi will work better this time, paired with a sense of urgency that “I need to respond to my email now” + “I need to go through all the #inCHAARG hashtags to stay up to date with my CHAARG girls now.”

Not being connected to wifi forces me to accept it + embrace it. Once I fully embrace it, that’s when the magic happens: rest.

Rest [v]: cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

[uuum, #reCHAARG!]

For someone who preaches about #reCHAARGing, it’s time I fully *practice* it. Everyone is different, + I don’t expect what works for me to work for everyone, but I wanted to share… especially for those who may go about relaxing in different ways [is there anyone else who isn’t able to relax — or doesn’t like — watching TV like me?].

While you can definitely argue that going without wifi in a foreign country creates anything but a *peaceful* atmosphere — not knowing where you are… [USING AN ACTUAL PAPER MAP! THE HORROR!]… trying to talk to someone who doesn’t speak English… not knowing where the best coffee shops + #eeeeeats are [yelp, I love ya] + not being able to text//instagram//FB while waiting in a line — yes, I get that.

It’s kind of comical if you think about it. Our minds are always so stimulated. We constantly need something buzzing in our face to feel *connected* — but, really — are we truly connected with our atmosphere, the people around us, + ultimately ourselves in that environment? I know I’m not.

To me, *rest* is being completely in tune with yourself + your surroundings — that’s exactly how I feel when traveling abroad. Stepping outside the “wifi zone” [+ EMBRACING it!] is so freeing. It truly makes me feel alive.

I know not everyone has the wanderlust itch [um, not to mention we can’t quite travel to a foreign country with a snap of our fingers… oh how I wish!], + some of you may have an easy time disconnecting — but for those of you have a hard time resting, I encourage you to take a little “daycation” with your phone at home. This is something I would like to implement myself once a month.

Cities are meant to be E X P L O R E D. I bet I can argue that most of us do not know the ins + outs of our city… a hidden trail, local #eeeeeats, or a cute boutique. ++ if you do feel like you know absolutely everything about your city, drive or train an hour or two to another city + explore that [no phone!]. Whether you decide to go solo or with a friend, I think you will find it incredibly invigorating.

We owe it to ourselves to slow down + fully rest every once in awhile. YES, *me-time* every day is so important… but FULL ON [no wifi!] 100% rest is as well. It’s not something that can typically be achieved in one hour — it may be need multiple hours, a day, or even a weekend to completely disconnect + fully #reCHAARG.

We work HARD. ++ we should rest just as hard. Or harder… ; )

“Rest + self care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” // Eleanor Brownn

++ Elisabeth

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