You’re Only Stuck If You Choose To Be Stuck

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Are you bored of your typical meals? Do you feel like your workout routine is in a slump? How are your relationships doing? Are you passionate about your career [or, if you are still in school, your classes]? Does your room//home fully express who you are? What has constantly been on your *to do list* [or dream//desire list] that you really want to do, but you just haven’t committed to yet?

What are you curious about — are you diving into those curiosities? Are you inspired by your morning routine? What about your evening routine? Who do you want to *be* this year — what are the steps you need to take to embody that quality?

I can go on + on, but the question I really want to ask you is:

Do you feel like your are thriving, or merely surviving, at this thing we call life?

It’s natural to go through seasons of your life [I love the book — The Stuck Book: Pick This Up When You Don’t Know What To Do] — but if you constantly feel ~blah~ about an area of your life, or you are struggling with something + unsure of the next steps to take, it’s time to get unstuck!

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received: Do the next right thing.

You have more support than you know. While the internet can be frustrating, it’s also an incredible tool to ask questions + get inspiration on areas you feel stuck on. ++ if you need someone to talk to, know that there’s a massive CHAARG community always willing to lend a hand. I’m also here to give you advice + I will try my best to point you to resources that might get you unstuck. Send me your questions here!

I was on a podcast earlier this fall when I talked about areas that I was stuck on. Listen to the podcast here!

Rooting for you always,


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